What Type Of Vehicle To Haul Your Laundry

If you are providing a laundry service for as outsourced service then you have just tapped into an absolutely killer market to get into. If you have set up a streamlined and efficient way of washing towels and sheets with an efficient laundry facility then you will have no problem washing laundry from another hotel, motel, or even places like military bases and convalescent homes.

The first thing you probably set up was a high capacity washer. Usually, a washer of at least 90lbs is good enough for a small hotel or motel with about 40 rooms but if you set up double or triple the washers and even increased the size of them to 125Lbs then you should have no problems with pumping out some serious sheet volume.

Of course, you also set up a high capacity ironer that can dry, iron, and fold sheets in a matter of minutes. These ironers range in size so if you have one set up to iron enough for triple your laundry needs or more, than doing other hotels sheets should be no problem.

You probably also installed some high capacity dryers for your laundry facility. With these dryers, you should have double the poundage of whatever you’re washing capacities are. For example, if you have 300 pounds of washing capacity you should, by a general rule of thumb use 600 lb of drying capacity. Once you have all that set up you not only have enough washing capabilities to bust out your laundry needs in a matter of hours, you will also have the ability to do the laundry or some other hotels in your area and make some huge profits.

If you are familiar with big companies like Mission Linen supplies and other companies like you will be in total shock at the amount of money these companies charge to provide washing services for small hotels and motels.

Once you can get someone out there and talk to the owners of the hotels or motels and let them know that you are capable of washing their laundry for them and charge them a fair price we are going to want to go for it. Nobody wants to do their laundry. The ones that do dread it and takes up a tremendous amount of payroll money due to labor costs.

Once I can see that you can do it for them at a reasonable price or going to go for it.

Now, missing is the final piece of the puzzle to providing a laundry service to some of your next door neighbors hotels and motels.

Now you need to way to pick up and deliver the laundry for your new found customers. Now will be the time that you need to decide what type of vehicle you will need to do just that. Whenever you get into business there are a lot of things you should always prepare for because some of the things you don’t prepare for could be the biggest problems. For example, we have a friend out in Bakersfield California that decided to start up a photo booth rental but underestimated the vehicle they needed to deliver their boots from event two event. Our photo booth Bakersfield friends were using their own personal car and having one hell of a time getting things going for them. Eventually, they wised up and purchase themselves a small Sprinter van and it solved all of their problems.

As for the linen service industry, what are the best purchases you can make is to also buy a small Dodge Sprinter van or a Ford Transit van. Both vans work equally well. They are priced affordably. They are the perfect addition to your laundry service delivery. The great thing about these bands as he can have them custom built and designed to fit just about any industry. You see them for carpet cleaning services, Construction Services, and even things like plumbers. You could have some shelves built into them so you can separate your sheets from your towels and provide a fantastic delivery service for your customers that you are providing outside laundry service